Welcome to Memoria
Lisboa, an FLH hotel.

Located in Rua da Madalena, considered today a beautiful example of Pombaline architecture, this place invites you to step inside, and witness pieces of Portuguese history preserved within the ceilings and walls.

The stunning architecture reflects the rich heritage of the past, providing a captivating experience for the guests.


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Breakfast Included!

The Project
& Mood

In Memoria Lisboa you’ll find a beautifully refurbished hotel that maintained its prior elements like the Portuguese tiles and ornamented gold ceilings since its reconstruction around 1780 after the major earthquake that destroyed downtown Lisbon.

During its renovation, we took great care to preserve its original character as much as possible so that its history never fades away.

Our rooms

At Memoria Lisboa you will find 25 rooms spread across 4 floors in a building steeped in history and local tradition.

  • Double Room Standard

  • Double Room

  • Superior Double Room

  • Deluxe Double Room

  • Suite with Street view

  • Premium Double Room

  • Double Room with Balcony

  • Deluxe Double Room with Balcony

contact us:

+351 218 863 931 | +351 961 064 116

Rua da Madalena 179,
1100-619 Lisboa