Welcome to Memoria
Porto, an FLH hotel.

As you stand on Memoria, you become part of a living tapestry that connects the city’s past and present. The remarkable view, with the Douro River glistening under the sun’s embrace and the historic district exuding an old-world charm, invites you to immerse yourself in the city’s narrative.


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Breakfast Included!

The Project
& Mood

For this hotel we invited the Portuguese artist Branca.

Both Memoria and Branca’s creative process invite us to appreciate the beauty of the past and the complexities of our inner world, allowing us to witness history, both external and internal, in its most profound and enchanting forms.

During the extensive renovation, we took care to preserve its authentic character, ensuring that its rich history endures.

Get to know more about her work: Branca Cuvier

Our rooms

Memoria Porto presents 27 rooms spread across four floors in a building of great historical importance, reflecting local traditions. It is ideally located in the heart of Porto, overlooking the Douro River.

  • Interior Twin Room

  • Double Room

  • Superior Twin Room

  • Superior Double Room

  • Superior Double Room with Landmark View

  • Superior Double Room with River View

  • Deluxe Double Room

  • Deluxe Double Room with River View

  • Premium Twin Room

  • Premium Double Room

contact us:

+351 222 084 881 | +351 961 064 056

Rua de São Francisco 2,
4050-548 Porto