A new hotel,
in the heart of Ericeira


Welcome to Reserva, a FLH Hotel.

Located in Ericeira, a small fishing Village surrounded by beautiful beaches and some of the best waves in the world.

Declared a World Surfing Reserve in 2011 which inspired the origin of the hotel’s name: Reserva FLH Hotels.

FLH stands for “Feels Like Home” and this is our main goal during your stay – to make you feel at home.

& the breakfast

This hotel has an amazing and comfortable breakfast room. It is spacious and full of light, so our fresh and delicious breakfast is served everyday there, from 8 to 11h00 am. You will find a complete buffet, all included in your reservation.


*If you have any special requests, please feel free to ask the receptionist.

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The Project
& mood

Once Ericeira is a fishing villa, we decided that the mood of the hotel should represent that – so we invited the Portuguese artist Ana de Jesus – Fromhand, to create exclusive frames all inspired in fishing nets. They are all handmade and completed with sea and sand tones.


In our living room the artist prepared a fantastic wall with blue and white ropes, also handmade, and created a special effect that has become a success – for those who are inside and for all the people who get to see it from the street.


Get to know more about her work:
Artist: Ana de Jesus, Fromhand

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