Welcome to Urbano,
an FLH hotel.

Located in Rua da Madalena, considered today a
beautiful example of Pombaline architecture, the hotel invites guests to experience a unique blend of art and hospitality.


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Breakfast Included!

The Project
& Mood

For this project, the Portuguese artist David Rosado was invited to lend his creative touch. The result? A stunning array of fancy paintings adorning the rooms and a mesmerizing masterpiece showcased in the living room.

Given the hotel’s location in the bustling downtown area, David Rosado crafted exclusive paintings reflecting his signature “urbano” style, drawing inspiration from the captivating world of “pop art.” To truly appreciate the brilliance of his work, let’s delve deeper into the mind of the talented artist:

Our rooms

The entire building has been renovated, offering a fresh and modern ambiance in 26 cozy rooms distributed across five floors. Where you can still find its original character so the history never fades away.

  • Interior Single Room

  • Interior Small Double Room

  • Twin Room

  • Double Room

  • Deluxe Double Room

  • Large Double Room

  • Suite

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